pedal schematics

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Try the 2N388A transistors as they are dirt cheap (18 cents when bought in lots of 5 or more I think). The 2N5088s can be readily found through Mouser. The rest is pretty much Radio Shack or your local store. Convert to PNP transistors by changing the orientation of the lone 47uF electrolytic and reversing the battery polarity. (The battery AND 47uF cap

pedal schematics
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POSITIVE to ground). Mods: The input cap is critical; for classic fat fuzz tones use 2. 2uF to 10uF to larger! (you may consider socketing it - I did) The output cap is less critical; I have found that. 1uF is fine for me. The. 05uF that I use I have found to be very good because it changes the frequency response of my guitar the least. I have around the same bass as when the unit is bypassed. The trimpots allow you to really tune in the sound. Many shades of distortion will come out as you fool around and turn them. C is a high end rolloff cap, you can put. 001 to. 01 to larger values and hear what it does (socket this cap). You can also put the usual 50K pot at the input BEFORE the input cap as described in the Technology of the Fuzz Face - (GEO) Excellent article about the Fuzz Face. You could also make the 1K resistor off of Q2`s collector a 47K, then make the 100K trim a 47K and tap the output off of the junction between the two. This will reduce your output level and make it a lot tamer. Insanity Box - OK! What can I say I think it`s one of the best boxes I have built and one of the best ultra-hi-gain pedals I have heard. Thanks to Jack Orman for his wonderous circuit snippets, Frank Clarke for his work into CMOS circuits and all the rest that helped out. What is the Insanity Box Just the pedal that delivers the high gain and sustain that I was looking for. I`ve been playing it for a while and I still love it!...

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