power Problem with high voltage in a project

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

A circuit that should be protected from high voltage. Is there any component other than a fuse that I don`t have to change every time Something like a switch that activates only when high voltage is supplied, diverts the flow and grounds it, and then closes. Sorry, I can`t scan the schematic right now but I can give you information. I have a triac connected to a submersible motor via a MCU IC mounted on PCBA.

power Problem with high voltage in a project
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The problem is sometimes there is a short circuit due to water. I want to know how to protect the circuit in this case as I already have fried it twice. Is an optocoupler or solid state relay advisable for isolation We`re going to need a LOT more information. What voltage What duration A schematic would go a very long way to showing us what you want. There is a huge difference between a static discharge and a direct lightning strike, and different solutions. user3624 Dec 19 `12 at 5:21 Still not very clear. Are you trying to protect from high currents (caused by shorts within your submerged equipment) or from high voltages (maybe caused by a short circuit between a higher-voltage input power wire and internal nodes) The Photon Dec 19 `12 at 5:34 In case you`re protecting from high currents, do you know about polyfuses (resettable fuses) In case of protecting from high voltages, do you know about zener diodes and transorbs The Photon Dec 19 `12 at 5:36 So essentially, the idea is that there is an input power mosfet which controls the flow of power to your circuit. You push a button, which causes the gate voltage to rise, and power flows to your circuit. "VDD" in this diagram is the battery positive rail. Ground is assumed to be available and shared all over this circuit. The "small gap" is a physical one. If water connects ground and the wire coming off of that op-amp, then the op-amp will output low, and you`ll suddenly...

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