power-amplifier 2

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

A friend takes an interest to want to try build hi-fi power Amplifier the some one. He likes model class AB, because the sound is good. keen bass good distinct. I chooses this circuit gives him sees, be power Amplifier hi-fi OCL 120W rms sizes really, if use power supply circuit at enough good and use 8ohm size prominent point interesting loudspea

power-amplifier 2
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kers. Of the circuit be use the transistor entirely have no the integrated circuit mixes. Then make bland good sound, for power supply voltage should use +40V GND -40V sizes give current about 4A. Other detail please see in circuit picture better STA505 is a monolithic quad half bridge stage in Multipower BCD Technology. The device can be used as dual bridge or reconfigured, by connecting CONFIG pin to Vdd pin, as single bridge with double current capability, and as half bridge (Binary mode) with half current capability. This Audio power Amplificator will deliver 80 watt of audio into an 8 Ohm load. The LM3875 IC devices should be suitably heatsinked. Note that the amplifier is a bridged circuit, with both speaker leads hot . This one is already pretty strong. It`s got a handful of additional external devices in comparison to the generic schematic. Note that there`s a simple HF filter on the input. This IC supports mute and stand-by modes. I`ve never built this one, so I`ve got no suggestions concerning practical construction. This is a stronger type. It features mute and stand-by functions, which require some additional discrete devices. The rest is just the common op-ampish and power-ampish stuff. I`ve never built this one, so I`ve got no suggestions concerning practical construction. The TDA7294 is a Hi-Fi amplifier and can give 100W RMS but with 10% distortion. Supplying 30 Volts you can have 50 Watts RMS with 1%...

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