radio frequency rf watt meter circuit

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This is a circuit for RF (radio frequency) transmitter experiment, watt meter is useful for optimizing the transmitter circuit. A simple RF watt meter circuit is shown in the schematic diagram below. Because circuit is not frequency sensitive, calibration is accurate on all HF bands. The sensitivity is affected by meter movement, number of turns i

radio frequency rf watt meter circuit
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n primary coil, and resistive voltage driver. This is the figure of the system; Pots can be adjusted for full-scale values from 1-14 W with values shown on the diagram. C1 and C2 are 3-20 pF. Diodes are 1N34A, 1N60, or equivalent. L1 is 46 turns No. 28 on Amidon T-50-2 toroid, with 2 turns No. 22 between ends of L1 for L2. Connect resistive dummy load to one coax receptacle and RF power source to other to adjust, with R2 at maximum resistance. We can provide highest meter reading and make that the FWD position with place the switch on the upper position. Switch to other position, which becomes REF, and for null reading, adjust C1. Reverse RF source and load, leaving switch at FWD, and adjust C2 for null. Now, we can calibrated the Wattmeter.

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