Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This page contains circuit diagrams and code for a walking robot I made using Mark Tilden`s nervous network along with my own tinkerings like the reverser and brain circuits. Construction is a bit odd, chips with pins bent flat with wirebits and parts in-the-air within about a 1. 2` by 1. 5` by 2` space with a gearmotor at either end, a cordless pho

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ne battery slung underneath and feelers made from guitar strings. The whole thing is about 4" long, not including feelers, with a leg-span about 3" spacing and width. It can climb about 1/2" and doesn`t do well on carpet. A little evolution. WALKER. TXT contains various two-motor walker circuits I devised. The first microcore I made (without motors) used a `245 chip for a motor driver, this walker never got made because my motors draw too much for it to power. The design that actually got made used transistor pairs to drive the motors. The circuit started out as a more-or-less stock micro-core circuit except for the transistors but I quickly realized the importance of being able to back up. The obvious solution would have been a relay to swap the wires on one of the motors, however 3 volt relays are kind of hard to find and relays in general are power hogs. I tried using an analog switch chip to swap the driver signals, but the 4016 chip has too high of an on-resistance to drive the drivers (bet a 4066 would have worked and the design would be very different right now). Then I thought, just make the pulse go backwards. I ended up using two 4016 chips each wired as a two-wire crossing circuit. This walker was pretty good and would back away from obstacles in its ways. [ Since this walker was made, I`ve discovered that stacked 74HC245 chips (or 74HCT245 as I used) work much better for motor drivers than complementary...

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