simple fluid level sensor circuit

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

For all electrically conductive Fluid or liquid level measurement, this single-chip circuit is very compact and simple. This circuit is a voltage level sensor encouraged the AC bias supply for the sensor to prevent the electrolysis of the probes used. This AC excitation, the sensor has a longer life. This circuit is useful for a wide range of wate

simple fluid level sensor circuit
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

r or liquid level measurement and control, heat registers, vending machines, washing machines, water softener, irrigation, reservoir, tank, aquarium or pumps. Many types of liquids are electrically conductive and can track by using this level sensor: City / groundwater, seawater, Chopper solution, weak acid, weak base, household ammonia, water and glycol mixture, wet soil, coffee and juices. Remember that most of the fuel is not electrically conductive, so that this circuit can be used as a fuel level sensor assembly / detector. Some other non-conductive liquid are: pure water, gasoline, oil, brake fluid, alcohol, ethylene glycol, paraffin, dry soil, and whiskey. The following figure shows the schematic of the circuit.

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