smps modeling

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

SMPS design and analysis requires an understanding of many different areas of study. This article is intended to help the reader become familiar with the several different SMPS topologies, and their general performance characteristics. The major information is contained in the referenced articles. Dependent on who does the classification, several different switching converter types may be enumerated.

smps modeling
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These may include the familiar Buck, Boost, Buck-Boost, Cuuk, forward converter and flyback converter. Also listed are full-bridge, half bridge, ferro-resonant converters, as well a power factor correction converters and perhaps even a few others! The references provide descriptions and operational information on many of these circuits as well as the more familiar ones. It is expected that the interested person will have downloaded and read those documents and is familiar with the operation and characteristics of these converters. Modern SMPS designs are feedback control systems. One might think at first that familiar stability analysis tools could be used; however this is not the case. The typical SPICE stability analysis centers about determination of the AC phase - gain characteristics. However, SPICE calculates an AC small signal model about the DC operating point of a network. Where is the operating point of a switching transistor varying between hard on and hard off SMPS designs represent an extreme analysis problem. At one level, the converter is switching at frequencies reaching into the hundreds of kilohertz, however, its performance requirements are dependent on feedback shaping circuits and load filtering with long time constants. Often much analysis time is required to reach the steady state conditions. Having reached these steady state conditions, if now the load is step changed, or other conditions occur,...

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