the Open GPS Tracker

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The tracker is easy to build on a perfboard. I used a basic one-pad-per-hole perfboard and 26-gauge wire, but 30-gauge would probably be better. All the electronic parts are available from Mouser Electronics. Radio Shack sells the perfboard and the 2. 5mm plug for the phone. You could also buy these from Mouser. If you are building a tracker, pleas

the Open GPS Tracker
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

e post in the user forum. I am looking for bug reports, pictures, and information about how the tracker works for you. I will provide technical support to people who are building units. Caution: I have seen two units with the power transistor installed backward. If you reverse the emitter and collector, the transistor will conduct weakly. The power light comes on, but the device either returns NO DATASTREAM or never replies. With the regulator and transistor installed side by side, and the output of the regulator next to the emitter of the transistor, the flat sides of the two components face in opposite directions. If they are facing the same way, the circuit will not work! The Mouser Electronics ( ) order is listed below. This order includes an AVRISP2, which you may not need if you already have an AVR programmer. I`ve included two each of all the small parts, and three of the GPS module connectors. This connector is the only tricky part of the build. It is easy to ruin one, as I did. For testing, you can just insert the 26-gauge wire into the socket on the GPS module, but for permanent assembly you need the connector. The connector has one extra pair of pins, which you should cut off. You will be soldering to the long side and plugging the short side into the GPS unit. You need to solder to four pins on the GPS header, three of which are right next to each other. Clamp the header with a small vice or a "third hand" clip....

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