designing audio circuit tape delay

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

Hi, this is my first post here. For the past few days I`ve been building a tape delay unit. Mechanically, it works well, but I still need to design a circuit to link all the parts together. This is, however, beyond my current level of ability, and I was wondering If I could get help. The tape heads are cassette tape heads, and have a resistance of

designing audio circuit tape delay
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around 300 ohms, and an inductance of 80mH. I`d like to be able to drive the write head to around 1V, and the read head will output something on the order of 10mV. It should also be possible to amplify the feedback signal to a level about twice the amplitude of the input signal. The mixer should mix the signal from the tape read head with a dry signal from the input, and it should be possible to control the amplitude of these signals allowing the result to be fully wet or dry. The output should be approximately line level, with an output impedance of around 300 © with a peak voltage around 0. 5V. I understand what I am asking is quite complex, but is this project impossible for a medium level hobbyist with plenty of free time Is anyone an expert in this area Does anyone have any tips on how to design and build a circuit like this Thanks. While I`d definitely follow this path if I was short on time or ambition, at the moment I really just want to make this work. It`s already been such an education so far and it`s only been a few days. While looking through some more schematics, I found one that seemed like it would be a lot easier to produce and understand. It does, however, use tubes rather than solid state components. Is there any way I could change the circuit to work with transistors Here is the schematic; That`s the site I posted the link to above already (didn`t you try clicking on it ), I specifically posted the link...

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