the designs of three phases SPWM variable frequency power supply of DSP

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The variable frequency power supply, as the important constituent element of the power system, the quality of its characteristic concerns security and reliability index of the overall system directly. Such prominent advantages as the modern variable frequency power supply is succinct by low power consumption, high efficiency, circuit are favored.

 the designs of three phases SPWM variable frequency power supply of DSP
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The whole circuit of the variable frequency power supply is exchanged direct current exchange filter etc. and form partly, the output voltage and electric current waveform are pure sine waves, and frequency and range are adjustable within the specific limits. This text has realized the design based on variable frequency power supply numerical control system of TMS320F28335, through the hardware resource on efficient use TMS320F28335 abundant slice, have realized the abnormality of SPWM is sampled, and adopt PID algorithm to make the system produce the high-quality sine wave, fast, such advantages as the high, flexibility of precision is good, system expansion ability is strong of having operation. On the basis of the structure, the variable frequency power supply can be divided into direct variable frequency power supply and big class of indirect variable frequency power supply two. The variable frequency power supply that this text studies adopts the structure of indirect frequency conversion to be handed in promptly straight hand in the transformation procedure. Finish, hand in vary direct through single-phase full bridge rectifier at first, then convert direct current power supply to waveform, SPWM of three-phase, supply final-stage smoothing circuit until DSP control, form the canonial sine wave. Frequency conversion system controller adopts the digital signal controller TMS320F28335 of first floating points of industry...

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