the monitoring systems of railway level crossing of mining area of Atmega128 one-chip computer and GPRS

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The mine railway connects the national railways and intermediate links of the mining area, it is the important constituent element of the transport network of the railway. Relevant materials statistics show, the Chinese mine railway exceeds 20, 000 kilometers and its adjacent place along the line is usually distributed in a plurality of road juncti

 the monitoring systems of railway level crossing of mining area of Atmega128 one-chip computer and GPRS
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ons at present. Because the road junction is mostly distributed inside the mine enterprises far away from urban area, and it is in large quantity, disperse and the distance between road junction is long, in addition, mining area of different transport means to cross homework, vehicle and stationary flow of person, make a oral safety management of mine railway become very overhanging problem. In order to make the administrative departments of mining area at all levels grasp each oral security situation in time, accurately, this text regards Atmega128 and MC55 as the core, design the monitoring system of a set of railway level crossings, realize that monitors the automation, digitization and networked of management to the railway level crossing. This pair guarantee the intersection of mining area and normal production, improve mine enterprise economic benefits and coherent road junction vehicle, pedestrian safe and significant. The overall system is made up of control center of road junction. Divide from function, this system can be divided into collecting part of a signal, road junction part, signal transmission and sent some and 5 parts of control center of road junction. Fig. 1 takes a road junction among them as examples, provide the overall block diagram of system after simplifying. The collecting part of the signal is used mainly for gathering train approach and leaving away the signal, offer the decision signal for...

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