ultrasonic distance measurer

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Borrowing techniques echo sounder used to measure ocean depth, distance measuring device can be made with an ultra sonic. Gauge this distance using the same circuit with Digital Clock in the last article, coupled with a series of transmitter and receiver Ultra Sonic. The working principle echo sounder to measure the distance depicted in Figure 1.

ultrasonic distance measurer
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Ultrasonic pulse, which is an ultrasonic signal with a frequency of approximately 41 KHz for 12 periods, transmitted from the ultrasonic transmitter. When the pulse of the objects barrier, this pulse is reflected, and received by the ultrasonic receiver. By measuring the time interval between when the pulse transmitted and received pulse reflections, the distance between the measuring device and the object can dihitung. lasi barrier, in this project the light used is a LED light. if you want to use the lamp at 220V. Figure 2 is a Digital Clock circuit in the last article which was revised for this purpose. Decimal point on the display unit is turned on with the prisoners R8. Each time the Start button is pressed, AT89C2051 generate ultrasonic pulses at Pin P3. 4 emitted by the circuit of Figure 3, then through pin P3. 5 is connected to the ultrasonic receiver circuit in Figure 4, while measuring the time interval to monitor the arrival of pulse reflection AT89C2051. Results of measurement time, with a little mathematical calculation is shown in the viewer seven segment as the distance scale, with units of centimeters and 1 point behind the point desimal. mengukur sea depth, distance measuring device can be made with ultra-sonic. Gauge this distance using the same circuit

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