variable voltage regulator circuit

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This is a Variable Voltage Regulator Circuit that is built by LM317T IC. The LM317T is an adjustable 3 terminal positive voltage regulator capable of supplying in excess of 1. 5 amps over an output range of 1. 25 to 37 volts. The device also has built in current limiting and thermal shutdown which makes it essentially blow-out proof. This circuit ca

variable voltage regulator circuit
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n be use to make a stable power supply. You can looks the circuit diagram from the figure. The principle work of the circuit is output voltage is set by two resistors R1 and R2 connected as shown below. The voltage across R1 is a constant 1. 25 volts and the adjustment terminal current is less than 100uA. The output voltage can be closely approximated from Vout=1. 25 * (1+(R2/R1) which ignores the adjustment terminal current but will be close if the current through R1 and R2 is many times greater. A minimum load of about 10mA is required, so the value for R1 can be selected to drop 1. 25 volts at 10mA or 120 ohms. Something less than 120 ohms can be used to insure the minimum current is greater than 10mA. The example below shows a LM317 used as 13. 6 volt regulator. The 988 ohm resistor for R2 can be obtained with a standard 910 and 75 ohm in series. When power is shut off to the regulator the output voltage should fall faster than the input. In case it doesnt, a diode can be connected across the input/output terminals to protect the regulator from possible reverse voltages. A 1uF tantalum or 25uF electrolytic capacitor across the output improves transient response and a small 0. 1uF tantalum capacitor is recommended across the input if the regulator is located an appreciable distance from the power supply filter. The power transformer should be large enough so that the regulator input voltage remains 3 volts above the...

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