DAC0832 interface circuit with the 8-bit CPU

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

DAC0832 shown in Figure 27-13 cushion in the form of a single-phase circuit connected with 8086CPU. Since DAC0832 internal 8-bit data input must be set between the CPU and D/A

DAC0832 interface circuit with the 8-bit CPU
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converter interface circuits for data transmission, read and write address selection and control, if D/A core chip internal registers no input, you will also need additional register, starting from the reliability of the system, additional data on the interface buffer is necessary. Figure 27-14 DAC0832 interface circuit and the CPU. DO ~ D7 from the CPU over the eight data lines, in order to improve the data bus drive capability, DO ~ D7 to go through the data line drive Ul (74LS244) t then received DAC0832 data input terminal (D10-D17), as WR write control line of the CPU; AlO ~ A15 address line of CPU, the U2 (74LS138) to generate the interface after 3-8 decoder decodes the address signal, since the address lines AO-A9 did not participate in the decoding, 27-14 in FIG. DAC0832 interface address is 2000H ~ 23FFH. When you need to enter when the line of D/A conversion, CPU only execute an output instruction, it can be 8-bit data is converted by DO ~ D7 UI passed through the data input terminal DAC0832 Dl0-DI7; and start D/A converter immediately in the op amp output corresponding analog output voltage VOUT.

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