how to make simple earthquake sensor

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The article shows a circuit idea which incorporates an innovative way of detecting the minutest of shocks caused by a possible earthquake tremor. The circuit is so sensitive that it is able to detect tremor of 4 on the Richter scale, yet remains unaffected to loud sounds or irrelevant bangs or noises. I have seen a number of different circuits

how to make simple earthquake sensor
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of seismic sensors on the net, however most of these have utilized a piezo transducer as the sensor element, God knows how a piezo would detect earthquake tremors. Of course a piezo would detect tremors only if it were used in the form of a load-cell, by integrating some kind of load, assembled for implementing an oscillating action during tremors. I could have used an LED/LDR arrangement for detecting these ripples, however since we are not interested in sensing vibrations rather only swaying actions, I made a little out of the way approach. Through a few of my previous posts I have already discussed water level sensor circuits where the water`s conducting property is well exploited for the purpose. The positive supply from the circuit is dipped inside the water while the hot end of the input is placed in such a way that it stands just a mm above the water. The positive of the supply immersed in the water instantly makes contact with the HOT end of the circuit via the water, the circuit gets triggered and immediately latches.

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