8-bit bus control widely used 12-bit DA converter Universal

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

8 microcomputer data is 8-bit parallel output, in addition to the serial input of D -A converters, in general, have to enter the data into two groups, and to Chen whole. Requir

8-bit bus control widely used 12-bit DA converter Universal
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ements for the data latch 16 straight odd first D7 ~ D4 the four data latch in the low byte (LB); commission next clock pulse at the same time (not on the table at the same time generate an error) to fermium have been stored 4 data and high byte (HB) given away 12 D. A converter. DAC80-CB is king -.V binary input voltage output DA converter din - (in addition to BCD code input and current output type), the reference voltage i was 6. 3V, connected to the REF-IN terminal. Also the jumper tr, removed from the outer Hz input. When the need to use multiple DAC, the circuit has a tracking feature, much more expensive than using this method o BP bipolar partial set terminal, if the output voltage bipolar can be jumper JZ short circuit, the internal resistance make 6.3kO 1mA current flows.

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