Infrared control dimming circuit

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

Receiving circuit as shown, when the infrared receiver receives the remote control signal emitted by the transmitter, after

Infrared control dimming circuit
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KA2184 processed by the pin output low. This added directly to the VT low base, it is turned on, its collector current output at the upper end of the formation of a high-level output R4 out. This high level is applied to the LS7232 by R6 dimming circuit auxiliary input ( feet). As the dimming control signal. This is an infrared remote control dimmer circuit, when it pin input trigger signal, it will continuously pin output control bidirectional thyristor control pulses through the foot, so that the TRIAC conduction angle at 410-160. Changes between. With bi-product of the thyristor conduction angle changes, but also by the lights from the dark to light or light to dark, thus realizing the lamp dimming control. In the dimming process when required by the dark to bright lights, press and hold the button on the remote control transmitter continuously transmits a control signal. Then you can see when the lights gradually brighten t When you reach the desired brightness immediately release the PTT button, then the brightness of the lamp will stay in this position. If continuous press down, the fork will gradually darken lights from light until extinguished. Note: LS7232 is a PMOS type IC, so its power polarity with conventional CMOS circuits contrary, that it's n. It should be connected to the negative power supply terminal, and the Vss terminal should be connected to the positive supply. The circuit power is still using AC power supply, capacitor C7 buck, half-wave rectifier diode VDI. And other different capacitor step-down power supply circuit is that the power of the buck capacitor C7 in parallel with a 220yH inductance, its role is to absorb I. S7232 harmonics generated to prevent it interfering with other electrical appliances through the power cord.

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