Infrared remote control dimmer light circuit diagram

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

This circuit uses KA2184 infrared receiver ASIC production infrared remote control dimmer light circuit as shown, wherein the infrared emission from the driving pulse generator NE555 components.

Infrared remote control dimmer light circuit diagram
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Time base NE555 integrated circuit generated 40kHz pulse amplified by the amplifying transistor VT from outside the launch tube infrared emission SE303. Component selection Infrared transmitters when IC selects NE555, VA555, LM555 or SL555 substrate such as an integrated circuit; IC1 should use KA2184 KA2184 infrared transmitter integrated circuit IC2 use infrared receiver IC, its performance parameters and pin functions and CX20106 are identical, It can be directly used interchangeably. VTH use an ordinary small plastic package Triac, such as 1VIAC94A4 or MAC97A6 other models; VS selection 12V, 0.5W silicon zener diode, such as 2CW60-12V or 1N5242,1N5242B, 1N6002,2CW5242 or UZ-12B models. Other components no special requirements, the choice of models and parameters may be indicated in FIG.

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