DZW75-48 50 50II high-frequency rectifier circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Alternating positive and negative voltage pulses of high-frequency transformer T secondary sensing, full-wave rectified by the rectifier High frequency switching diodes V1, V2

DZW75-48 50 50II high-frequency rectifier circuit
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composition, and then after L1 inductors and capacitors C2, C3, C4 consisting of L-type filter and power supply Z1 smoothing filters at the output of high-frequency noise to get in line with the indicator of 48V DC voltage output. Pulse width directly determines the output voltage level. Wide pulse width, high output voltage, narrow pulse width, output voltage is low. And picked up at the output a voltage meter to measure the output DC voltage display. R2 is a bleeder resistor, FL for the shunt, a current meter is connected across both ends FL measurements show that the output current value rectifier, FL voltage across the current sampling value is also used as an output signal to the voltage regulator and current limiting, current sharing circuit. R1, C1 and V3 composition RCD snubber circuit to absorb the secondary voltage overshoot.

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