Using TX05C new infrared burglar alarm circuit diagram

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

But here is a new type of infrared using TX05C radio sensor module made of doors and windows burglar alarm. Because it is not visible to the human eye utilizing infrared, wirel

Using TX05C new infrared burglar alarm circuit diagram
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

ess surveillance composition region, and therefore have a strong security and reliability, as long as someone enters the surveillance area, the body is bound to block the infrared beam, then the circuit will emit a loud alarm sound, to call attention to the duty officer. This circuit except for the windows and doors burglar alarm, but also can be used for walls, fences and other occasions need to be monitored. Infrared monitoring burglar alarm circuit diagram shown below, when the base integrated circuit, alarm speakers and power supply circuit of several parts of its circuit mainly by the infrared transmitter and receiver modules. Power circuit from the transformer T, rectifier diodes, three-terminal regulator IC4 hub and other parts, stable output voltage of 12V DC power supply of the entire circuit. ICl infrared transmitter module, the internal power management devices, passwords integrated circuits, infrared modulation circuit and the power of infrared emitting diodes and other components, after power module in front of the lens aperture that is emitted outside via the integrated password modulated infrared. IC2 is supporting the infrared receiver module. When no one entered the monitoring area, IC2 receives infrared output terminal OUT module inside the transistor is turned off IC1 emitted is high, then the one-shot circuit from when base integrated circuit IC3 composition in the reset state, 3 feet without output, alarm loudspeaker BL silent. If a person enters the monitored area, it will block the infrared radiation emitted by IC1, IC2 long once did not receive IR commands, OUT-side transistor is turned on inside that trigger Pin 2 of IC3 is triggered by the low, one-shot flip Now into the set state, 3 feet high output, VT conduction, BL electrical work, it will send a loud alarm sounds. In this case 12V positive supply to charge C4 through R2, after about 2min, value end level rises to 6 feet 2 encoding/3, IC3 reset, 3 pin output low, the circuit returns to the original stationary state.

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