Blackout emergency lights circuit 3

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

FIG. 283 is a blackout emergency lighting controller, it is only the external side in the two lead s, can directly replace P Chan Tong Ge opening, when there is electricity, it

Blackout emergency lights circuit 3
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can be the same as ordinary switch control lamp 1El light off; a power failure, you can use it controls a small woman E2 bright fire. The figure, the dotted line on the left for the general lighting circuits, power is applied to the right of the emergency lighting controller. When the switch S button to open the state, because VD7 reverse bias is turned off, lights El, l: 2 are off. When there is electricity, such as switching station r .S 220V AC electricity flow through El, VT) l - a VD4 rectification, then VD5 conduction through steady vs Market, r Liduan capacitance can be formed into a DC voltage of about 6V, in this case AC by vS constitute the old road, put the lamp El Po electroluminescent {star plus voltage across the memory Ej lower than conventional 220V around 6V, this storm will not affect hair too bright bulb F1s degree. Then VD7 still partial closing beans, so E2 is still light. At the same time, (voltage between both ends by V D3, VD6 and R, G to the battery. If the grid sudden power outage, El grams of electrical energy storage that is put out Rong, VD5, VD6 while reverse bias cut stop, the battery G through R., J-S curse, VD7 cast R, to dig VT1 base transmission, VT1, VT namely conduction, small light E2 powered emergency lighting luminous as if there is no emergency lighting, as long as the open S, E2 can be made to operate lights. lamp power by El regulator vs power dissipation constraints, the power should not exceed belly El 60W.E2 may be 3 8-4. 8V, () light bulb .vs 3A can t {j two L 6V, 1W Zener parallel .G use four nickel-cadmium or nickel metal hydride batteries in series. other component parameters Figure, to no special requirements.

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