Digital delay circuit lamp circuit 3

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

A feast with enough delay lamp circuit is very suitable for use on the bedside table, which is characterized by a button SB, lights; then click the lights off; If the lights do

Digital delay circuit lamp circuit 3
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not press the SB, the circuit is a delay time between after lantern [1 move off; if the lights go off before the connection resistance at the switch, Chan will fork up again. There r This lamp lights can delay canthus life easier, more pleasurable. Figure, an inverter [, and R-, R, and SB constitute bistable trigger switch, every time you press Ji Guan SB, inverter input H {ended level on the change again. R., C, VD1 inverter I, composition t single steady-state delay circuit, adjusting column R. Or (1: Delay time can change the value of an inverter circuit V, f parallel use, to increase their ability to drive a diode VT1 and peripheral resistors VTH thyristor zero-crossing trigger. Mackerels road .220V AC power resistor R. buck, diode VD4, VD5 rectifier, vs stable regulated output voltage DC 6V, use for the entire circuit. VT1 suitably 9013 type and other silicon NPN transistor, p ] .VTH available M/C9.1A4 type delete other small plastic bite bidirectional thyristor .SB for small touch switch. no special requirements other components. Q. the delay circuit theory by formula T O. 693RsC, seek, but because there are G chanting electrical factors, delay time will be increased to 30-SOmin and small.

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