TWH9104 holiday lights ASIC

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

220V AC by the VDI-VD4 bridge rectifier to produce a full-wave pulsating voltage electricity for lights H1 ~ H4, the other side by R3 and VD4 buck regulator, C2 filtered output

TWH9104 holiday lights ASIC
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of about 5v DC voltage used for the manifold A Electricity. Manifold four output terminals Ll-LA by R8-RIl added thyristor gate, in order to change their conduction angle, so that lights H1-H4 according to need flash. Changes in OSCI, external oscillation resistor R6 resistance OSC2 can change the rate of dimming lights string. Lantern string chase rate by Rl and Cl decisions, such as the potentiometer Rl to 2.2Mo series again a 510k o fixed resistor, adjust the potentiometer can adjust lantern string chase rate. Mood lights flashing by so, SI and DIM end (ie 1-3 determine the level of end) level, according to their needs reader with a short wire to l on a chip, 2, 3 pads and + ,. contact pads can also be used in three lx2 small switch so, Sl, DIM side between VDD, vss be cut change in the composition of many tricks lantern controller.

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