With a CD4011 CD4518 making colorful cycle decorative lights

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Colorful decorative lights loop circuit shown in Figure 3-22. It consists of the power conversion circuit, a clock signal generator toner color and lighting control circuit of

With a CD4011 CD4518 making colorful cycle decorative lights
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several components. 220V AC after VD1 ~ VD4 bridge rectifier, on the one hand lantern loop for power; on the other hand by Rl buck limit, VD6 regulator, VD5 cl filtering and isolation for the control circuit to provide a stable DC voltage of about lov. Al and peripheral components of a clock signal generator, wherein the NAND gate I, and RP, R3 and C2 form multi-resonant oscillator, NAND gate I, t constitute RS flip-flop, pulse oscillator for shaping then the NAND gate delivery to the clock pulse input CP of A2. A2 is a CMOS digital integrated circuits with dual synchronous addition counting function, the positive pulse and the NAND gate t sent in its internal binary coding, and Ql, Q2, Q3 output of the three state circulation changes occur in combination, make along with the corresponding lights on, off. According to the principle of the three primary colors of light, it will be able to produce seven kinds of color of external light, specifically as shown in Table 3-1. For example, when a first clock pulse, Ql end A2 output high, single red light to the thyristor VS1 conduction, lantern Hl; when the second pulse arrives, Q2 ended output high-A2 level, VS2 subsequently turned, H2 glows green; when the third clock pulse, Ql A2, Q2 of simultaneously output high. vsl, VS2 are conduction, Hl, H2 lit simultaneously, according to the principles of color mixing, external light turns yellow when {. eighth clock pulse rushed to come, QI A2 of ~ Q3 output low level, H1 ~ H3 put out the whole moment; while Q4 terminal A2 output high power level, the signal is directly sent eight clear terminal R, so A2 internal circuit is reset; when the first nine clock pulses into A2, cycle the process.

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