With NE555 make double touch light switch 1

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

3-2, the circuit by the touch electrode, when integrated with the base NE555 made double touch light switch circuit shown in Figure composition circuit and the triac circuit of

With NE555 make double touch light switch 1
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

several parts. 220V AC simple capacitive buck by Cl, C2, VDI, VD2 composition of the half-wave rectifier voltage regulator circuit, power at both ends of C2 obtained after about 12V DC voltage of about timebase circuit for electricity. Turn on the lights when needed, just to touch the On electrode sheet Ml, human induced noise signal injected into the base of the trigger circuit A Pin 2, so that the time base circuit is set, the output of 3 feet high output, Thus obtained positive trigger SCR vs current opening, lights H powered light, this time also will be working status LED light indication switches. Turn off the lights when needed, just to touch the off electrode sheet M2. Human body induced noise signal is injected into the base when the threshold circuit terminal 6 feet, immediately reset A time base circuit, the output of 3-pin output low. vs loss of trigger current, when the AC zero crossing that is turned off, the lamp H goes out and the LED will go out.

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