BA2181 stepping touch dimmer light circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

BA2181 dimming using ASIC production touch Stepping dimming lights, 4 eup with loud power consumption is low, anti-interference ability, small as stable by bite, make use of se

BA2181 stepping touch dimmer light circuit
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curity features. HA2181 collector circuit using CMOS system Ding Yi made the standard DIP-8 package. M each lead foot function. Cited negative power supply pin O end. Pin is touch-sensitive input. Pin is keyed remote control signal input terminal of the circuit do not, it will be resistive and capacitive element by element R. And c4 ground. Pin of the operating mode selection terminal, on which there are two modes to choose from, the Ju to connect the supply negative terminal Vss, as the four-phase stepper dimming; while if its positive terminal connected to the power supply VDD, as Dan, I make off mode type. The power supply circuit to ground that is the negative terminal vs.. So repeatedly touch electrode sheet M, cho fourth gear adjustment light. pin AC input synchronizing signal bow. Pin oscillation signal input, external vibration resistance and electrical capacitance. Pin is thyristor trigger signal output, with rice drives thyristor power supply pin IE end. BA2181 IC power supply voltage range of 3-7V, typ 6V. Figure, 220V AC by VD] -VD4 form a bridge rectifier, R. Limiting buck, vs Regulators and C. Filtering the output voltage of about 6V DC power supply manifold. VD5 for the isolation diode to manifold feet through resistor R3 feet; dividing AC synchronous signal obtained from the VT ends. pin output trigger signal coupling through G, was added to a one-way thyristor VT gate to control its conduction angle. So weeks, as long as the repeated touch electrode sheet M, the brightness of the lamp E will be a micro-light a brighter brightest. off a four-speed cycling, non- very convenient. Another feature of this circuit is only two Foreign dimmer lead, can directly replace ordinary light switch bared Ge, general lighting will be transformed into four step dimming lights.

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