IR Remote Control Circuits

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This is where truthfully you need to migrate to pic micro and possibly look at compilers such as offered by proton Smart which incorporate Sony IR in and Phillips RC5 codec`s But it is the safest particularly if you intend to use this for Security aware applications Consider also Bluetooth and wifi as another strong point now as this is leading into the newest

IR Remote Control Circuits
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of technologies with reference to tomorrows world Here you might choose to use other encryption techniques and incorporate as an extra facility for example RF ID which relies on RF and power generated form the remote transmitter to your key with encrypted codes, sent once power up Look into all of this if this is what you want to do also bare in mind that like any security system and very similar to RF Id which they are having massive problems with regards travel cards etc in the UK at the moment, particularly one day charges for all over London via tube rail and bus services If not done correctly and with no apparent override system, if this does go wrong j which it I always will, just like any other electronic appliance etc Like any other data, Data can be and does get lost, equipment may malfunction so you need to take all of this into consideration Total cost to British Rail some £8. 00 just for me Consider this of you will for some 20 000 plus commuters both foreign and national on a daily basis It`s a major catastrophe to say the least and why Too much of a rush to install this system and thought It would be perfect Nothing ever is ! In other words instead of trying to get people to break the system They didnt bother This is exactly what I mean by Dont listen, never do and always think they know better, it pays to listen to all types of people no matter how big or how small Someone will always find a way through Thats...

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