Using tap potentiometer loudness circuit

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Figure 1.88 using the loudness of several tapped the potentiometer control circuit. In FIG. (A), and between the tap and the input of the potentiometer and the land respectivel

Using tap potentiometer loudness circuit
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y, then A RC compensation network, when the slide point to the nearby rotary potentiometer tap (ie small volume), high, bass can be obtained make up. It works like this : In the small volume, the input signal through the RP partial pressure attenuation silver big, but cl capacitive reactance with frequency and reduce the rate of rise of the audio signal in a high- points can be by cl and tap the potential, sent directly to the output terminal, is greatly attenuated Tibetan small, that treble relatively be enhanced; connected to the potentiometer tap and the ground between the islands larger capacity, capable of the high audio attenuate the same time, that is, from relatively enhanced bass effect; the maximum attenuation (ie low treble sound relatively lift) by R determines the size. Even at high volume, point to the upper end of the slide potentiometer, away from the tap position, it can not afford to make progress RC element effects, flat frequency response of the output signal. Such sound effects and potential of the control compensation circuit pumping head location of: tap positions higher compensation more early action, but the lift is reduced o Figure (b), (c) - (d) are several other commonly used form of compensation circuit. Figure (b) is double-tapped, the circuit is more complex, but it was big, medium and small volume can give appropriate compensation, the best results. Figure (c) is a single tap changer type switch is set to 1 when the circuit (a), as applicable to normal signal input; when placed in the 2 position, the compensation network out of action for a strong signal input. Figure (d) is a simple one-tap type, only compensation for bass, treble without compensation, and more for universal amplifiers.

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