1Hz clock signal generator circuit

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

1Hz clock signal generator circuit It shows a sophisticated l llz clock signal generating circuit. Can be used for digital clock and timing circuits: The circuit consists of 14

1Hz clock signal generator circuit
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binary counter CD4060, JK flip-flop CD4027 and 32.768 kHZ quartz crystal device components. IC1 ?, pin external crystal body and the circuit chip oscillator circuit, the oscillation frequency of 32.768 kHz, tuning capacitor Q can be precisely adjusted to this frequency. The oscillation signal by ICI by 21. After the second division, the output of IC1 2 Hz square foot is a signal, the signal through the IC2 party boat after 1,2 division, will come out in IC2 cuckoo O pin output frequency is accurate clock 1} Mu signal. -

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