Tape recorder position indicator-controller

Posted on May 19, 2012

This circuit is representative of the many applications of up/down counting in monitoring dimensional position. In the tape recorder application, the LOAD REGISTER, EQUAL, and ZERO outputs are used to control the recorder. To make the recorder stop at a particular point on the tape, the register can be set with the stop at a particular point on the tape, the register can be set with the stop point and the EQUAL output used to stop the recorder either on fast forward, play or rewind.

Tape recorder position indicator-controller
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

To make the recorder stop before the tape comes free of the reel on rewind, a leader should be used. Resetting the counter at the starting point of the tape, a few feet from the end of the leader, allows the ZERO output to be used to stop the recorder on rewind, leaving the leader on the reel. The 1 ohm resistor and .0047 µ¥ capacitor on the COUNT INPUT provide a time constant of about 5 ms to debounce the reel switch. The Schmitt trigger on the COUNT INPUT of the ICM7217 squares up the signal before applying it to the counter. This technique may be used to debounce switchclosure inputs in other applications.

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