A flash voice delay circuit

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

1C is SK - 2 integrated voice, when the object hit the sound is received in the body Xi ester cylinder MIC, the audio signal goes through a coupling obstacle to 1C. After ampli

A flash voice delay circuit
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fication of the signal by the IC, the output of 6,9 feet provider level. After D- triggered thyristor BCR. Turned on, the capacitor C4 through R4 wide electricity. When C4 voltage reaches a certain value (ie n-inch seam after a given delay), single-junction pipe (BT31) the relaxation oscillator + Xu triggered thyristor BCR/conduction, so tr Wherever flash light, this time photographic hunger Bf] to open the IF in a wait state, so the film exposure. Delay time by the wind i ~ i Zan. When the flash is finished Wherever Mighty, press F NC press fS (light-emitting diode/ED off). R is ready to pick the next action as may be required to delay the hand F Off Sl closed sets. W compact fluorescent adjusted so that the voltage across the MIC for the 3- 5v.

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