Light control delay circuit 4

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Battery-powered light control delay lighting a small lamp, a sudden power outage or night to ask a blown fuse, the room was dark, it is difficult to find a match and candles: S

Light control delay circuit 4
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ometimes after a late r turn off the lights to go to bed in the dark urine also had a sense of this small lamp, it o f the number of seconds moving lights, can give you cow tim will bring. The circuit characteristic only foot indoor light suddenly dimmed, small lamp to light, indoor light from dark if supported by the pregnancy or darken naturally slow, it will not light after a delay when laJ small lamp is off, the circuit does not Ran power consumption. FIG LL, NAND gate I, integral composition punishment monostable nervous trigger, usually the circuit is in a stable state, and the output of NAND gate I high. VT1 -VT3 are in the OFF state, the small spider E does not shine. When the night suddenly stopped or electric lights, the photosensitive resistor RI. Suddenly high drought resistance, its upper output - Ar jump-sit pulse, purple (1 coupling, make towel-shot scraping turn into the transient, and not output low, VT conduction alone!. when asked by a transient-shot R,. RJ decided instrument zero seconds to turn back to the steady-state child so VT1 conduction time is only seconds zero children, when asked this hatred sufficient to (. allow full charge, VT2, VT3 conduction along, after a small lamp E moisture electroluminescent .VT1 off, (j by R. to VT2, VT3 composed of composite pipe discharge, small lights continue to glow until the (j discharged, VT2, VT3 cutoff recovery, small spider off. If the room light from dark and strong, Kl upper end of the negative pulse output, single-shot does not work, the lamp will not light E. Similarly, if the light from light within channeling Ran Ran slowly becomes dark, RI slowly becomes a resistance large to thirty now hopping through C, coupling, single-shot status also will be a small change now small lamp still does not light up. and non rlI, may be one CD4.11 Ning IC number, the other two in the manifold/non-use and should be input as a gate grounded, and may not use floating .E 6. 3V, 0 1A small bulb .G preferably 4 section 5 nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries. then the whole circuit is mounted within the lamp holder Wall RT. lampholder should extend a little outside experience allowed indoor light, but not direct exposure by the bulb E in order to avoid optical feedback.

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