Practical three control delay self-extinguishing switch circuit schematics

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Circuit The figure is sound, light, touch control delay self-extinguishing switch three electrical schematic diagram of the circuit from the power circuit, the signal conversio

Practical three control delay self-extinguishing switch circuit schematics
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n detecting circuit, a delay circuit and a control circuit. 1. circuit (1) power circuit. The circuit consists of a diode Dl, D2, D3, D4, resistors Rl, R2 and capacitor Cl form. Wherein D1 ~ D4 form a bridge rectifier circuit, its function is through the load (light bulb) of 220V AC to DC, the DC high voltage, Rl, R2 and Cl complete the pulsating DC voltage rectified step-down and filtering. Cl is the voltage at both ends of the subsequent unit circuit supply voltage of approximately 9.5V. (2) converting the signal detection circuit. The circuit includes light, sound and touch the human body detection signal conversion. Wherein the light is detected by the photoresistor RC R5 and composition, the photosensitive voltage across the resistor changes with the intensity of the light changes, and sent to the integrated circuit CD4071 1,2 feet for processing; the sound is detected by the electret microphone MIC, C3, R4, R5, R6 and Ql composition, the sound signal is converted to electrical signals by the MIC capacitor C3 is coupled to the amplifying transistor Ql, resistors R4, R5 constitute Ql DC bias resistance, presence or absence of sound through the collector of Ql voltage change to the first integrated circuit CD4071 1,2 feet treated for biasing resistor R6 amplifying elements inside the MIC; human touch sensing signal through the touch sheet, R3, C3 enter Ql amplification, and from the C Ql pole input to the CD4071 1,2 feet, when the presence or absence of a touch signal will cause CD4071 1,2 feet voltage changes, voltage thus CD4071 1,2 feet is the result of a signal by the sound and the touch interaction. (3) delay circuit. The circuit consists of D5, R7 and C2. Wherein R7 and C2 for the delay time control element, the delay time parameters shown in FIG approximately 150s. Diode D5 function is to prevent C2 to CD4071 4 feet Discharges delay time. (4) control circuit. The circuit consists of integrated circuit CD4071, one-way thyristor SCR1 and R8 components. Wherein CD4071 is four hundred and twelve input OR gate.

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