Using music integrated circuit delay lamp

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

A spider is a delay KD-9300 music IC, when you press the button switch SB, electric lamp E lights up, the delay about 20s, lamp E automatically turn off. VD, vs, C., (, And oth

Using music integrated circuit delay lamp
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er simple composition capacitance drop Jl, half-wave rectifier regulator circuit, the output about 3V DC voltage for KD-9300 boat music IC power. Usually, sound music} U integrated way off ten static, the output of the terminal O/P no signal output, two diode VT1 off, thyristor VTIi turned off, the lamp F Tigers. Ji lights when necessary, click the SB. triggering end music integrated circuits TRI triggered by the high level, O/P end, or output internal storage of music accounted signal, the c. smoothed make VT1 turns on, then there is current through R, flowing into the thyristor VTH pole f] so VTH liter pass, powered lamp f light. after playing the sound of urine, VT1 recovery oFF-state, VTH lost in the post trigger current flows through the electric zero inflammation that is off, turn off the lights. called integrated music selection KD 9300, HFC-9300, etc. delete numbers, the delay circuit when cyberspace is mainly composed music store integrated circuit song signal related to the length of time, pay attention to the choice of music Pang just asked a relatively quite, usually 20s or so. there are an external oscillator resistor there blood in sacrifice music integrated circuit lug, usually 68kfl, its resistance Ding decision within the reservoir music signal read-out rate, increasing the resistance of accounts can be extended delay circuit when asked.

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