Shaking electronic LED Dice

Posted on Jun 23, 2012

I've always wanted to build an electronic led dice, but something different from what we see on the internet. Making it motion controlled... now that's new! Many new cell phones that have accelerometers built in also have dice games. These dice move when shaking the cell phone. My Led Dice project will also work with a shake motion but without the use of the expensive accelerometers.

Shaking electronic LED Dice
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The trigger is a mechanical device and it will sense the shaking movement. One contact will be on a spring and the other contact will be on a wire. The spring has a screw on it's end and it will act as a weight. Placing the box on it's side, the spring needs to have enough strength not to bend with it's own weight. Shaking will make the spring to move and touch the wire closing the circuit and this way the microcontroller will know when it's time to roll the dice. urning on the circuit, the microcontroller will initialize and light on and off all leds. Shaking the box will roll the dice. The leds will simulate the rolling of the dice and the piezo will sound until the final number is displayed. Once the final number is displayed it's possible to sort another number simply by shaking the box again. Parts: R1 500 ohms resistor R2 500 ohms resistor R3 500 ohms resistor R4 500 ohms resistor R5 500 ohms resistor R6 500 ohms resistor R7 500 ohms resistor R8 10K resistor C1 100nF cap Led1 to 7 5mm flat led Piezo Piezo HPE-120 IC1 16F688 microcontroller from Microchip S1 Normal On/Off switch Others: Box AAA x2 battery support PCB Spring, screws and wire Hex program for the microcontroller

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