Digital theremin

Posted on Mar 10, 2013

The CD4069 or 74C04 hex inverter—is used as^ fixed-frequency oscillator centered around 100 kHz. U2 contains the variable frequency oscillator and balanced modulator. The CD4046 is a phase-locked loop and R3, R4, and C2 determine the center frequency of the on-chip oscillator. The antenna forms a parallel capacitance with C2, which allows the frequency to be shifted several kilohertz by bringing a hand near the antenna. R4, the ZERO control, allows the variable oscillator to be set to the same frequency as the fixed oscillator. When the difference frequency is below 15 Hz, it is below the lower frequency limit of the ear.

Digital theremin
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By setting both oscillators to the^ame frequency, the Theremin remains silent until the performer brings his or her hand near the antenna. The oscillators are mixed by an exclusive OR gate inside the 4046. That gate acts as a digital balanced modulator, which produces the sum and difference frequencies. The output of the gate is then ac coupled by C3 to LEVEL control R5 and an output jack for connection to an audio amplifier or stereo receiver.

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