Consumers have the power of the human voice function splice

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

D switch S location function. FIG microphone to a speaker on behalf of the (also designed a door using an electret microphone) port channels through C9 send people IC2 amplify

Consumers have the power of the human voice function splice
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the signal amplified by the C6, R3 sent lc] mixed with the sound signal is amplified after the output to another speaker 0 I a M386 of, pin is the inverting input, stereo recording according to the characteristics of the human voice in the left and right channels in the same phase, while the high-frequency audio signal level for non- balanced recording, therefore, by adding the inverted I4M386 posterity sound it was canceled out. When the switch S pull to the other side, lcl and IC2, respectively, as the right and left two-channel power amplifier, the output power W 6 of the circuit as long as the correct component mounting, component quality is good, no debugging that is able to work properly. Volume and tone control porphyrin to rely on their own sources of the circuit has good people eliminate sound effects, you should use a good quality recording cassettes. This circuit is relatively simple, and can not use special karaoke OK CXA1642 assembled consumption compared to singing circuit, but the water did affect you when a temporary return

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