Dispenser Aucma temperature detection control circuit

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Dispenser (Aucma) temperature detection control circuit It shows the dispenser (Aucma) temperature detection control circuit. The dispenser is composed of two parts, one part i

Dispenser Aucma temperature detection control circuit
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s heating control circuit: another part of the fresh cabinet control circuit is to provide ozone generator power supply, storage cabinets for food inside the deodorant, play a role in preservation. AC 22V power supply from the K L (live) side by fuses FU1, power switch], door switch K2, the timer PT1 to smell oxygen generator circuitry. AC 22V through R4, after CI anti-shock circuit consists VD4 ~ VD7 diode bridge rectifier circuit bridge rectifier is formed nearly 30V dc voltage of the rectifier to the oscillation circuit. Oscillation circuit is a thyristor VT1, and the oscillation capacitor c2 with high voltage transformers and other parts of the Tl. Boot, bridge rectifier output DC voltage begins to charge the capacitor c2, c2 on the electric pressure, and at the same time R5 dividing point (trigger thyristor VT terminal G) of the voltage rise, when rising voltage reaches a trigger voltage when the charge thyristor VT1 conduction, the capacitor C2 is let go, the AK voltage thyristor VT1 between suddenly lowered the cut-off. Next to the bridge rectifier circuit again cz charge, G terminal voltage thyristor TV1 rises again, again through the thyristor VT1 conduction discharge. Continually repeating this process of charging and discharging, the circuit will oscillate, so high-voltage transformer Tl secondary oscillating high pressure to obtain ozone tube 03 power supply, ozone tube 03 to produce ozone work in food storage cabinets tough disinfection. Preservation indicator is used to display the working status of fresh cabinet, when the power switch K], the door switch K2 are in a closed state, the opening set timer PT1, set the preservation time, when the ozone generator started working, fresh indicator LED3 is lit; when the timer PT1 time to zero, or opened the door switch in the preservation process, and preservation of the circuit will be disconnected, the ozone generator stops working, fresh light is also extinguished

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