SCR furnace temperature regulating circuit

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Consisting of two differential amplifier transistors voltage dividing type bias circuit, and this resistance is measured four bridge four of arm. Wherein the product is a plati

SCR furnace temperature regulating circuit
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num resistance, its resistance increases with increasing temperature, and decreases with decreasing temperature, it is to release electric furnace temperature measurement devices. Change the resistance of the potentiometer RP can be given a furnace. When compared with a given oven temperature is low. R4 resistance decreases, the bridge out of balance. VT2 group Xi potential drop, the collector current decreases. As the two tube collector current flows through the emitter resistor (lk), so that the emitter potential of the two tubes of decline, VT1 collector current increases, the collector potential drop in the charging circuit transistor 3AX31B base potential drop, the charging current increases, the trigger pulse in advance, the thyristor conduction angle increases, the furnace temperature rises. When the temperature is high, everything changes on said opposite. Therefore, the differential amplifier can be used to achieve the purpose of automatically adjusting the furnace temperature.

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