Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The most commonly used LCDs found in the market today are 1 Line, 2 Line or 4 Line LCDs which have only one controller and support at most 80 characters, whereas LCDs supporting more than 80 characters make use of 2 HD44780 controllers. Apart from displaying some simple static characters you can create animated text scripts and a lot more! Most LC

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Ds with 1 controller has 14 Pins and 16 Pins (two extra pins are for back-light LED connections). Pin description is shown in the table below. (We may also have 16 pins in 2 controllers, refer to the datasheet for exact details). It is a control line. When RW is low (0), the information on the data bus is being written to the LCD. When RW is high (1), the program is effectively querying (or reading from) the LCD. Only one instruction ("Get LCD status") is a read command. All others are write commands-so RW will be low for majority of the time. Enable (En) pin: is used to tell the LCD that we are sending it data. A high to low pulse (of minimum length 450ns) before sending any command/data to LCD. Display data RAM (DDRAM) stores display data represented in 8-bit character codes. Its extended capacity is 80 X 8 bits, or 80 characters. The area in display data RAM (DDRAM) that is not used for display can be used as general data RAM. So whatever you send on the DDRAM is actually displayed on the LCD. The answer is CGROM i. e. character generator ROM, is used to convert ASCII values send by µC into 5 x 8 dot or 5 x 10 dot character patterns from 8-bit character. (You can also add your own characters in the list!) The first method is to create a delay between two consecutive commands or instructions. (Check the datasheet for exact time of execution of an instruction). This may not be very appropriate as the delay is not very...

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