Morse Code circuit using ATtiny85

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The Morse Beepy is a circuit I designed to be simple and cheap enough for kids and adults to use as a first soldering project, but powerful enough that they could have fun with it. In fifteen minutes, it can be soldered together and programmed to beep and blink your name or secret message in Morse Code.

Morse Code circuit using ATtiny85
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

It uses the following parts: CR 2032 Battery Battery Holder ATtiny85-20PU (standard voltage) or ATtiny85-10PU (able to run on less voltage, thus lasting longer) DIP Socket Piezo Buzzer Red LED Custom Printed Circuit Board I designed the circuit boards myself, and had them manufactured by OSH Park. You can order more of them through the link above. Like the other links, though, I’m not making money from this, I’m just sharing my work and sources to help other folks make stuff. You can find my code on GitHub. You will see the functions for making dots, dashes, spaces between letters, and spaces between words. The code also contains a bunch of power-saving stuff that might be scary to a beginner, but it’s only necessary if you want days of continuous usage. I’ll keep tweaking the code for clarity and power consumption.

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