Glitch-Free Clipper

Posted on Aug 23, 2012

Adding a simple clamping circuit to a Harris 2620 high-speed op amp produces a glitch-free amplifier/ clipper. The op a

Glitch-Free Clipper
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mp pin that controls the device"s bandwidth is a high-impedance, isolated input. This pin also tracks the device"s output voltage. Therefore, Dl, D2, RI, R2, and R3 will clamp the amplifier"s output voltage only when the amplifier"s input voltage exceeds your clamping-voltage limits. VD is the diode drop of Dl or D2. where Vx and Vy are the clamping circuit"s bias voltages. Choosing R lets you determine the values of R2 and R3. Try a value for Ri around 3 kfi. One example of this circuit had clamping voltages of ± 3.7 V and exhibited THD below - 75 dB for a sinusoidal, 30-kHz input signal. When the input signal increased beyond the ± 3.7-V clamping voltage, the clipper symmetrically clamped the output voltage with no glitches in the waveform.

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