Function Oscillator Generator (MAX038)

Posted on Mar 3, 2013

Oscillation frequency 10Hz ~ 20MHz, 6 ranges. Analog output Sine, triangle, square wave (0 ~ 4Vp-p, Zo = 50?). TTL Output Clock (Duty: 50% fixed) positive negative pulse (variable pulse width). Operating system Show: oscillation frequency and operating mode LCD display. Operation: Operation mode switching and analog volume adjustment. Power AC 100V. Production cost \ 10,000 or less. The circuit diagram has not been specified, as small as possible to process and put the power supply impedance bypass capacitor is not appropriate to say. Well, around here is a basic high-speed circuits. LM6361 analog output buffer is used. This amp I have GBW = 50MHz bandwidth, this is a little short. AV = +6 dB, so that you are using in, 20MHz in the vicinity would become almost a sine wave to square wave output is selected. More bandwidth (200MHz degree) you may want to use a buffer amplifier.

Function Oscillator Generator (MAX038)
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Oscillator circuitry is in partnership with the usual universal board should not . First, it is not stable. In partnership with Universal board failed at the first regular production of it now ^ ^ so, the total ground on one side you must use a universal board. component side to the ground, drill holes in the component leads Try to not counted the short position. lead to ground are soldered directly to the ground. In addition, the oscillator circuit board has a mix of digital IC, they cut a slit in the ground plane thoroughly separated. especially the wiring of the timing capacitor MAX038 is a better system and away from digital as well Manai noise. Waveform generator IC for Maxim MAX038 is a function generator was used. Product Information from the amused to find the Maxim IC is listed, it is! With that said, making?I?Chimashita. MAX038 chip is one 20MHz capable of high performance analog waveform to the IC, there was a long time ICL8038 is feeling like a sophisticated version. They become the cornerstone of this function generator, and most of the performance and the performance of the MAX038 should I say.

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