1kHz square wave signal source circuit

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

1kHz square wave signal source circuit Illustrated is a use CD4060 composed of standard square wave signal source circuit. CD4060 ? foot, foot crystal rr external and compensat

1kHz square wave signal source circuit
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ion capacitor cl, c2, etc. with internal chip oscillator crystal oscillator circuit, wherein R, is the feedback resistor to determine CD4060 internal operating point gate. C2 is the frequency adjusting capacitor, the oscillation frequency can be adjusted cZ adjusted to the exact value. The oscillation signal by the IC internal level to put large, the direct (1/4096) divided by a fixed frequency divider Lc inside, and from the IC output pin O O feet, so from the resulting output frequency rate of 4.096 MIh/4096 1 kHz. foot signal output from the output frequency of 4.096 MHz.

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