555 Audio guide blind electronic circuit diagram

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As shown, the 555 and the surrounding elements constitute a voltage - frequency conversion circuit. For determining the orientation of Earths magnetic field is a Hall-effect de

555 Audio guide blind electronic circuit diagram
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vices integrated sensor UGN-3501M, The sensor contains a Hall element and a linear differential amplifier, the sensitivity of the device is about 1.4 mV/gauss, improve measurement Earths magnetic field sensitivity on both sides of the sensor against the two flat magnets to pick up the subject of Earths magnetic field lines more. Differential output of the sensor (1 feet, 8 feet), respectively uA741 consisting of the differential amplifier inverting terminal (pin 2) and a non-inverting terminal (pin 3) is connected to further enlarge and then added to 555. IC2 magnitude of the output voltage depends on the pickup device Hall magnetic field strength, and the voltage component 555 - the frequency converter output frequency of the pulse height depends on the charge voltage value C2, that is, the output frequency is low the orientation guide sounder which to decide. When adjusted by adjusting potentiometer RP1, so that when the magnetic field is zero, the pulse frequency of 555 to a certain value (eg 1000Hz), when the position changes due to changes in the magnetic field causes the frequency changes, the blind can be varied according to pitch determining the orientation of walking.

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