555 Dream lantern control circuit diagram

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Fantasy lights, wonderful changes can be used to store, dance hall or family holiday decorations. Its control circuit is shown. Lantern multivibrator control circuit, a control

555 Dream lantern control circuit diagram
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circuit and thyristor trigger circuit and step-down power supply circuit. AC step-down rectifier circuit is IC1, IC2 provides + DC voltage of 9V. IC2 use lights control ASIC YX9010, its memory chip has eight lights control. This manifold peripheral circuit is very simple. It can be controlled manually or automatically. AN manual switch, every press time, the display lights transform a program can be realized four lights all light, fast forward and slow cycle flash, fast flash and slow cycle backward forward transformed flash and so on. SA automatic mode switch, it will be 3 feet of IC1 output contact (closed), automatic conversion and control lantern. IC1 (555) and R1, RP1, R2, C1, etc. to form a multi-harmonic oscillator, its oscillation period T 0.693 (R1 + 2R2 + RP1) C1 Period of oscillation parameters given in illustration is from 5 to 76 seconds, the duty cycle is close to 1: multivibrator pulse 1.IC1 added to the IC2 output control mode switch terminal 13 feet, each time to a high level, special lights IC2s output of a, B, C, D state transition time. With no steady-state circuitry constantly flip, flash lights and color patterns are constantly turned over, again and again followed by conversion to produce fantastic results. Circuit thyristor power according to the load size selected lights, optional 3CTS-1A, 3CTS-3A, SCTS-5A, require not less than the reverse breakdown voltage of 400V (D grade) triac.

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