Automatic conversion l0 wind speed controller C192 555 CD4028

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As shown in Figure 10 for the automatic conversion of wind speed control circuit. The circuit includes a clock signal generator IC1, counter IC2, decoder IC3, synchronous phase

Automatic conversion l0 wind speed controller C192 555 CD4028
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shifting circuit (BG1, BG2, BG3), SCR control circuit SCR, buck rectifier circuit. Where the buck rectified voltage stability in (9 ~ 10.5) V, provides power for the entire controller.A clock signal generator is multivibrator IC1 (555), R2, R3, W1, W2, C3 and other components, depending on the frequency of the signal charge and discharge time constant, and can be changed by adjusting the signal W1, W2 of frequency and duty cycle. Low frequency square wave generated by IC1 IC2 as counting pulses and added to the CP side (14 feet). Corresponding decimal synchronous counter IC2 (C192) generated by A, B, C, D 4-bit binary code is added to decimal decoder IC3 (CD4028), with the addition of CP, which translated BCD code at the output Q0, Q1. Q8, Q9 turn was high, so is the wind speed change gear provides the basis for automatic conversion.Synchronous phase shifting circuit sequentially enables IC3 output signal change, thus changing the thyristor SCR conduction angle, the motor terminal voltage changes in turn, automatically converting 10 wind speed.

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