Asynchronous power wiring diagram

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

A three-phase squirrel cage induction motor by a prime mover (such as diesel engines, etc.) drag and asynchronous motor stator windings connected to the outlet end and a number

Asynchronous power wiring diagram
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of capacitors as excitation power, will be able to output three-phase alternating current. This is called asynchronous power generation mode. Asynchronous power wiring shown in Figure 7-1. Self-excited capacitor is divided into two parts: - Part of the generator to produce the rated voltage at no load, called the main capacitor (c0); the other part of the generator and the load to full load rated voltage kept constant, called the additional capacitance or adjustment capacitors (lCf, 20). Capacitors can be used metallized film capacitors or self-healing shunt capacitors, such as BCMJ, BFF series, the rated voltage is not less than 400V. The capacitance of the main capacitor can be estimated by the following equation: When used for a rated voltage of 380V generator Cc a 14.5510 (p, F) when used for a rated voltage of 220V generator Co 2510 (and F) where, Io for the restructuring of the asynchronous motor no-load current, a.

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