Linearized input bypass circuit XTR112

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As shown, the length of the transmission wire current loop circuit will introduce a radio frequency (RF) interference, RF energy can cause sensitive XT11l2 / 114 input errors, performance in an unstable loop current or input line current. If the RTD sensor

Linearized input bypass circuit XTR112
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in the distance, then input XTR112 / 114 will introduce interference. If the transmitter and sensor short connections, the more interference from the current loop cable. The method is to eliminate the interference at the input plus 0.01 F bypass capacitor filter to reduce or eliminate the interference. Connect these common points with IRET end of the bypass capacitor, although IRET ends of the DC voltage is not zero, but it is the transmitter of "ground." In addition, the V + and Io is terminated with a 0.01 F capacitor, the output will help to minimize interference.

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