Optical attenuation control circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Phototransistor also called phototransistor, it is more commonly used as a photosensitive device, which is characterized by photosensitive resistors and photodiode same impedance can be adjusted according to the size of their own light intensity.

Optical attenuation control circuit
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It is widely used to optocouplers and special circuits. Figure 6-2 shows the photoelectric coupling attenuation circuit, Country 6-2 (a) as shown in the circuit photoelectric controller and phototransistor 500 kfl of a resistor string associated voltage divider circuit, the impedance of the phototransistor is small the amount of attenuation circuit increases. Figure (b) shows a fixed resistor circuit and the photosensitive exchange position of the device, the impedance of the phototransistor becomes smaller, the attenuation amount is reduced. Figure (c) shows a circuit (b) shows the practical circuit circuit.

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